twelve month and a day, the dead began to speak

All right, guys. I’m seeing a lot of batshittery all over Tumblr coming from Destiel fans. Calm your tits. So Meg and Cas had a ‘moment’. It’s not like they went at it like rabbits. This connection between them has been a thing for years. It doesn’t mean that Cas doesn’t care about Dean. It doesn’t automatically negate any chances of Dean and Cas as a couple. It doesn’t mean the writers are trying to attack Destiel fans. It’s not a fucking insult or slap in the face.

How many people has Dean hooked up with in the past? How many people has he loved? Lisa? Cassie? Jo? People can be attracted to more than one person, especially if they’re for all intents and purposes still unattached. When I was single I had three guys who I was moderately interested in. I married one of them, and the other two remain friends.

You can be attracted to more than one person. You can have feelings for more than one person. Cas ‘crushing’ on Meg is not a fucking problem. And honestly, at the end of the day as much as I hate it, the writers decided to finally kill her off. Doesn’t really lend itself to much boning.

Can we just focus on the fact that Dean and Cas had a very profound moment? That there is love between them regardless of whether or not it canonically becomes a romantic, sexual relationship. Stop threatening the writers. Stop losing your shit everytime something doesn’t go exactly how you want it in the show. Dean needs Cas. And Cas cares so deeply for Dean that he was able to break free from angelic mind-control. These things are significant, so calm down and stop losing your motherfucking shit over this.

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