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This witchy femme fatale number is my newest perfume acquisition. 1940’s vintage. A heady blend of incense & dark florals. It smells like what I imagine vintage Caron Narcisse Noir would. #perfume #vintage #witchybrews #bombiperfume #femmefatale

#vintage #bombiperfume #femmefatale #witchybrews #perfume

So Southern Gothic. It’s like beautiful cobwebs. By the ever stunning @catherinedlish. #lingerie #dressinggown #peignoir #vintage #southerngothic

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#southerngothic #vintage #lingerie #peignoir #dressinggown

Lauren Bacall on the set of The African Queen, 1951

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Bert Stern, 1962

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Oops. I deleted my DCBB from AO3. I honestly don’t want my name attached to that fandom in any way these days. It’s been real.

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[ has the BEST fashion, style &inspo!]

Uh, yeah. Not cool. Don’t remove my text from a personal picture to promote your website. That’s super shitty of you. It has nothing to do with this photo, so please just don’t. Also, rude.

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Please do not fucking remove my comments on my own photos of myself so you can promote your shitty blog. Thank you.

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Marilyn Monroe photographed by John Florea, 1953

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Brigitte Bardot / photos by Sam Levin.

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Anonymous: You are trying too hard to look like Dita. Also you don't.

Yeah, no. I’ve been dressing like a classic film star since I was 12. I had vintage prints of Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner on my bedroom wall. This was like 1996, okay, so Dita while a thing wasn’t quite what she is now. Not by a long shot.  I spent my summers watching classic movies. Bleached my strawberry blonde hair platinum & constantly was sneaking red lipstick whenever I wasn’t at home. All of my formal gowns during junior high and highschool were vintage inspired. The whole vintage pin-up thing really did not exist outside of that brief big band music revival in the late 90s. I mean, maybe it did, but not in the southern college town I grew up in.

My hair colour has gone between platinum, coppery red, and black. I didn’t dye it black until I was 18 & that was for completely nerd related reasons & nothing to do with Dita. It went back to platinum for a brief stint, and then back to black. This cycle has repeated itself a few times.

As for trying to look like Dita, I do get that a lot. People on the street tell me that, but I also get Marilyn Monroe even with the black hair or more frequently Elizabeth Taylor. My friends say Eva Green and I’m inclined to agree with that more than any of the aforementioned. And you know, years ago I got a slew of classic actresses or Nicole Kidman, and now it’s mostly Dita & I just think it’s who’s in the public eye. There are very few people left from that classic Hollywood era, so while I may have more readily gotten, ‘You look like Hedy Lamarr.’ from a women in her 60s 15 years ago, these days I get, ‘You look like Dita.’ from the same age demographic.

Also, black hair, pale skin, red lips, this gets Dita all the time for people who look nothing like her. I mean, I get Katy Perry at least once a month from someone because again celebritiy with dark hair and a vintage inspired look. So go right ahead and say I just want to be Dita. She’s lovely, I’ll never take that as an insult if that’s what you were implying.

And so what if someone does want to look like Dita? I’ve seen that woman give confidence and body positivity to others who were unsure of themselves because someone told them they looked like her, or they saw her looking fabulous and thought to themselves, ‘You know what, anyone can be glamourous. I can be glamourous.’ So you can take that negativity and shove it.

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Guess what actually fits like a glove. This has zero stretch to it. And yes, I will wear this. I guess some people would treat it solely as memorabilia, but I thought the design was lovely, as well.

Vintage DeWeese swimsuit from Dita Von Teese’s personal wardrobe.

#dita von teese #vintage #deweese swimwear #fashion #pinup

Let’s talk about how amazing this dress from @shopdeluxed is. It’s instant film noir femme fatale. Also, got it in an XS, fits like it was tailored to my measurements which never happens. #trashydiva #victoryrolls #vintage #femmefatale

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Oh hello there. #ditavonteese

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Look what finally arrived from a conflict zone. Istanbul, not Constantinople. For that Theodora burlesque act. #byzantine #tiara #redlips

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#redlips #tiara #byzantine

These limited edition #manoloblahnik were the shoe of the day. I rarely wear them because they make me feel like a mob wife. #shoes #manolos #heels #fashion

#manoloblahnik #heels #fashion #manolos #shoes
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